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How do we calculate our charges?

In the recording/mixing/mastering industry the question "How much do you charge?" is kind of like asking "How long is a piece of rope?"  It all depends on what you plan on doing with that rope.


Bruce Boege


Limin Audio & Music Studios

Our charges are simple - and they apply to all of our services:

Our charges are based on how much time is used.

Corporate Rates:

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Hourly Rate: $150 (One hour min.)

Local, Maui Client Rates:

(Special, Reduced Rates for Local Clients)

Hourly Rate: $75 (One hour min.)

Our Corporate Rates are much higher (explained below), but we always want to make our services available and affordable for our local clients. We support our talented and thriving local community of artists, performers and businesses and so our rates are significantly reduced for local clients.

If you provide community support services and are on a limited budget, please call us and we may be able to find a way to help you get your project done at a lower cost.

Example of a Recording Session

Our Base Rate for Individual or Multiple Performers is $75 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

Additional performers, instruments or special effects add to set-up time, as well as possible retakes. The more effects you would like, the more time it will take. So, the rule of thumb is, if you have a tight budget, keep it simple. Complexity adds time -- and time adds money.

If you and your members are so well-prepared for a Recording Session, that you can record three songs, singing and playing as a 'live' band, (with only 2-3 takes each) within that one hour, then it would only cost you $25 per song. (At $75 for that one hour).

So, you see your final cost depends on how complicated your project will be and how well-prepared you are. The more time necessary, the more hours you will use and the more your project will cost.


But, Bruce will always provide his experienced recommendations to you prior to your session to help you keep your costs as low as possible.

Free, Included Services:

  • Bruce provides a free, preliminary, production discussion (phone or in-person) to determine the number of vocalists/participants and instruments and what you would like. He will then explain how you can keep your time and costs as low as possible.

  • Bruce also provides 30 minutes of free set-up time (microphones, etc.) before you arrive.

  • If there is a technical problem that is due to any of Limin Studio's equipment, or computer glitches, the clock stops.

Your Price Quotation: After the preliminary, production​ discussion Bruce will create a Quotation based on your requirements and estimated time needed.

Corporate Rates :

Hourly Rate: $150 (One hour min.)

Corporate projects almost always have additional criteria, higher quality requirements and shorter deadlines.

Please Contact Us for a Free Consultation to discuss your specific corporate project and requirements and we'll provide you with a quotation. (Rates are sometimes open to negotiation dependent on size of project.


The Limin Pricing Information Above Applies to

All of Our Services

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