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Free Resources: Free Recording Session

Record One Song FREE!

Why are we offering to record one song for free?

We believe in supporting our Maui Arts community and this is one of the ways we do that.

In addition, we feel that there is no better way to spread the word about our services than by letting our arts community sample our services at no obligation or risk.


If you like what we do for you, hopefully, you will use our services in the future and tell your artist friends about your experience with Bruce Boege and Limin Audio & Music Studio.

Offer Details:

  • We will record one, well-rehearsed song -- original or cover -- in our Limin recording studio

  • 1 to 4 combo members (If you have more members, please call)

  • Pre-arrival microphone(s) and tech set-up

  • If you have them, please bring along any chord charts and/or lyric sheets, but not mandatory

  • 2-hours of studio time maximum for free

Offer includes set-up, vocal and instrument recording and basic mixing.

(Offer does not include advanced mixing or mastering services.)

This is a Limited Time Offer, So Reserve Your Free Session Today.


Bruce Boege


Limin Audio & Music Studios

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