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Record One Song FREE!

Your free Limin song recording certificate comes with pre-arrival microphone set-up based on number of combo members. Plus up to 2-hours of recording time. Your song must be well-rehearsed and you must bring charts of your song with you for your combo members and Limin's sound engineer.

Offer Details:

  • We will record one, well-rehearsed song -- original or cover song -- in our Limin recording studio

  • To ensure that your song is well-rehearsed, before recording begins, you will do a run through of your song to ensure that it is well-rehearsed

  • 1 to 4 combo members (If you have more members, please call)

  • 8 tracks maximum

  • Pre-arrival microphone set-up

  • You must bring charts of your song for combo members and studio engineer

  • Maximum length of your song is 6 minutes

  • 2-hours of studio time maximum

Offer includes vocal and instrument recording and basic mixing.

(Offer does not include advanced mixing or mastering services.)


This is a Limited Time Offer, So Reserve Your Free Session Today.


Bruce Boege


Limin Audio & Music Studios

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