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About Limin Studio

This is not your typical recording studio! It is so much more!


To use a currently hot buzzword, Limin Audio & Music Studio and ProArts Playhouse are a 'hybrid' venue.

In 2020, Lin McEwan, Director of the ProArts Playhouse arranged for Bruce Boege, owner of Limin Audio & Music Studio to relocate his recording/mixing studio within the ProArts Playhouse in exchange for providing sound engineering services at live performances and helping design and set up all the sound requirements of the ProArts Playhouse.


That relationship grew and today Bruce serves as the ProArts Playhouse in-house, chief sound engineer – responsible for all things related to sound. And he also provides audio and music recording, mixing and mastering services for his Limin Studio clients.


It has become a perfect partnership where everybody wins.


Limin Recording Studio Area

This is a performance room; a 3,250 square foot theater with a 300 square foot stage.


It is designed for live performances in front of an audience or virtual performances. It is also designed to serve as an excellent recording/mixing/mastering studio.


A few details about Limin Studio


  • Being a theater, we have a large Green Room, full-house air-conditioning, in-house restroom, and a Kawai baby grand piano in the performance space.


  • Our seating arrangements are not straight rows like a normal movie or drama theater. All seats are moveable to comply with current Covid-19 protocols for distancing patrons. This creates a much more intimate setting for shows and/or your recording sessions.


  • Limin Music and the ProArts Playhouse are on the ground floor of the facility and is handicap accessible. Our back door load zone is about 15 feet from the stage and theater seating area, making drums, amps and any musical equipment loading very efficient and hassle free.


  • There are also several restaurants and other food service outlets right outside our doors.


A different kind of sound treatment


  • We have what’s called a soundstage, an actual performance stage with professional lighting, house sound system, monitors and video capabilities.


  • The room is treated with high sound absorption fabrics, and moveable gobos, which are sound absorbing panels to create areas of isolation where you want them.


  • Our electrical service has been customized so that ALL audio equipment is totally isolated from any lights, refrigerators, fans, etc. What that means to you, our clients, is, you get pure, clean sound from the start.


Versatile use of the space


Mood lighting?

It’s your choice if you want to record your music from the stage, using lighting for mood creation like in a concert.


Intimate acoustics?

Or pick other spots in the room that have more intimate acoustics for a solo act, or small combo.


This kind of versatility has real value in putting you in the right mood, which can positively affect your performance.


Additional services


Want a music video?

You may want to also perform a music video of your act. We are set up to do that too.


Want a live recording in front of an audience?

We can also offer to have a live recording session with an audience of your choice, or you may want to create a special, paid-seating, live recording concert. (We currently are under strict Covid protocols. Contact us for more info).


In addition to the many decades of Bruce Boege’s recording, mixing and mastering experience, you also get these valuable extras not available everywhere else.

Bruce has the credentials, experience and technical skills to handle your audio or music project. Click below to learn more.


About ProArts Playhouse


ProArts Playhouse hosts live plays, music concerts and educational events. It is a much needed community service venue for Maui, Hawaii.


Every month ProArts hosts a fundraising show for our local Community Radio station, Mana’O Radio. Mana’O is dedicated to supporting the incredible music community we have here on Maui.


Bruce Boege


Limin Audio & Music Studios

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