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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Limin Audio & Music Studio Located?

The Limin Studio is located in the...

ProArts Playhouse

1280 South Kihei Road

Kihei, HI 96753

in Azeka Plaza

What is tracking?

Tracking is the recording process where each vocal or instrument is recorded on a separate “track” so as to have complete control when mixing later on.


There is another definition of tracking, which is where an artist will perform many of the parts themselves, laying down one, like an acoustic guitar, then play that back while adding say a bass or piano part, vocal, etc., adding as many parts as needed.


If there is a live band performing a song, each instrument will be recorded (tracked) simultaneously and separately for the above reason of having total control of the sounds.

What is mixing?

Mixing is the process where all recorded tracks (individual vocalists and instruments) are each enhanced and blended with various tools to set levels, EQ, compression, stereo panning, and the addition of effects, like echo, reverb, etc. The goal of professional mixing is to create a final product that fulfills the creator's vision.

Why do my recordings need to be mixed?


When we record your music, we are focusing on the performance and the capturing of it. Mixing puts attention on making it sound and feel the very best it can be, and post-production is the only time we get to do that.

It is also where things can be repaired, like stray noises, bad notes, wrong timings, really fine tuning of all elements.


Sometimes we edit different vocal takes to get the best performances. A lead singer might do 3 or 4 passes of the lead vocal and we then take the best parts of each take. This is called “comping” the vocal or solo parts.

Even if a song is recorded perfectly, not every instrument or voice will fit together correctly until your song is professionally mixed. In fact, all commercially released music that you hear on the radio, on television or in the movies, has been professionally mixed. So if you want commercially, professional music, you have to have it mixed.

Why should I have my songs professionally recorded, mixed and mastered?


If you want to be taken seriously in the music business, and by your fans, it is expected that your songs will be professionally recorded, mixed and mastered.


This is your vision and creation and you want to present it in the most favorable way possible.


The better your song sounds online or on a cd, etc. the more gigs and opportunities you will attract. It just stands to reason, the better you sound, the more success you will find. If you don't sound as professional as a competitor, you will probably lose opportunities to them. Rule #1: Always present your music at the highest quality level possible!

How much do you charge per hour?


We have Performer Rates and Corporate Rates. We provide details on our Prices page


How long will it take to record my song?


It all depends on how well the performers know the song and how many people are involved during original tracking.

If it is a 3-5 minute song, to set up and have levels set, it would take about an hour for this process - especially if drums are involved.

It could be as little as another hour, or as long as 4 or so. Folks sometimes discover that in a recording session, a few different tempos are tried. It's all about the feel of the song. Many variables exist.


We can work out the details during a FREE Consultation and make recommendations to help keep your recording costs as low as possible. Click here to contact Bruce.

Suppose I don't like something in the sound?


We will work with you to produce the sound you envisioned.


What kind of payment options do you accept?


Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo.


Can I make suggestions during the recording or mixing sessions?


Yes, of course. This is your project and our job is to help you achieve your unique vision.

What is a Mix Engineer?


A mix engineer is part producer, sound sculptor, and usually a musician themselves, who knows how recorded elements should fit together in a final mix.


They will work closely with you to reveal the elements that create your vision of the song. A mix engineer has a wide variety of techniques and tools, and may offer suggestions you never thought of that can enhance your project.

What is mastering?


Mastering is the final spit and polish added to a production to raise the sound level to current standards with final EQ and compression appropriate for the song style.


Sometimes there are separate mastering techniques for iTunes, Spotify or different streaming platforms.


If this is a multi-song Ep or cd project, all songs must fit together volume wise, tone-shaped to be a cohesive unit. Mastering does this.

I recorded my song myself. Can you mix it to make it sound as professional as possible?


Absolutely! We do this all the time. Just Contact Us and tell us what you need. We will answer your questions and help you create the sound you want.

I have been writing a song, but I need help. Can you help me with my song?


Yes! As a composer himself, Bruce can certainly help you with arrangements, song structure, chord sequences, etc. A second perspective can often help give your song idea the boost it needs to soar.

Bruce can also offer suggestions for support instruments if desired and he has  quite a large network of highly talented musicians of all kinds to enhance your project. The talent pool here on Maui is very deep.

Just Contact Us and tell us what you need.

Who is the Sound Engineer at Limin Studio that will be working on my project?

Bruce Boege, owner and Sound Engineer of Limin Audio & Music Studio, will work with you personally throughout your Recording, Mixing or Mastering project. You will benefit directly from Bruce's many years of experience in the recording studio industry.

What is a Producer and what can a producer do for me?

A music producer works with the engineer (sometimes the same person does both jobs. Bruce has done that many times), to take your creation to another level of accomplishment. He or she will work your arrangements, instrumentation, harmonies of vocals, etc. to fit your vision.


Different recording techniques can be used to enhance sound palettes, definition of important elements and such things.

The music producer serves the same role as a director in a film. It is the music producer’s job to make sure that in the end the finished product is as good as it can be.

Bruce Boege has served as a knowledgeable and skilled producer for over 35 years.


Bruce Boege


Limin Audio & Music Studios


If your question hasn’t been answered here, feel free to send us a message. We’ll be in touch soon.


Bruce has the credentials, experience and technical skills to handle your audio or music project. Click below to learn more.

Contact Bruce with Questions or to Arrange a Free Consultation

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